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You don’t know me, but I’m working for you.

November 10, 2012

A blog is born! I know. More like thousands are born every minute. That’s true. But I will attempt to make this one worth a look every day. I intend to use this space to share with you my thoughts and occasionally post excerpts from my novels in progress or complete short stories. I have titled my blog, A Beautiful Spleen. I wanted another title, but Heart was already taken, as well as Mind. And besides, a spleen really is beautiful. The spleen is a noble little organ just under the right breast, shaped like a tiny, upside down viola. Working quietly in the body, in the background, like me, it does several different jobs, but hardly ever gets any praise or fame. That’s like me also. It creates blood cells and filters the blood, also fights off infections, and you never even know it!  Because the spleen is one of several organs to do these things, a body can survive without it, also like me and my writings. It is an established medical fact that the spleen can be taken out and the person live a perfectly normal life without it. This too, is like me and my writing. I wanted you to know that, to put your mind at ease. So you see, you can read my stuff and enjoy it. But if you miss a day, you won’t find yourself on a gurney in a hospital corridor, screaming in pain while people rush by on their way to lunch or to yoga practice. Promise.

So watch this space!

Paul Clayton, author of Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam, and, more recently, Strange Worlds

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